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2016 YE

Denver-Julesburg “DJ” Basin

Our large, contiguous acreage position in the Northeast Wattenberg Field of the DJ Basin is located predominantly in rural areas of the eastern plains of Colorado and parts of southeastern Wyoming with an associated favorable regulatory environment.  Our core acreage position was established through an acquisition in July 2011 and was followed up with an additional acquisition in July 2012. We have made other acquisitions of leasehold and producing properties since this time that make up our current acreage position of approximately 71,900 acres.

Our activity in the basin is directed at profitable development through the use of horizontal drilling targeting the stacked-pay horizons of the Niobrara and Codell formations, which are located at an approximate vertical depth of 6,000 feet. Given the contiguous nature of our acreage position, the majority of our wells incorporate an average lateral length of approximately 9,500 feet to maximize economic returns. Our experienced team of geologists and geophysicists have utilized seismic data and performed detailed core analysis to confirm that the reservoir and resource quality is consistent throughout our acreage position. Through the application of horizontal technology we seek to create value through our long-term development program.